Giving you a better tomorrow

We strive to transform tragedy into triumph: by empowering moms in need, baby homes, babies in hospital, and imprisoned moms that have babies. We help them to overcome adversity by donating and distributing baby essentials to them, and in turn giving them a better quality of life. Our vision is to create a platform where every baby has access to the best baby goods and essentials that are available. Through our donations we give them dignity and show them that they are beautifully created and tenderly loved. This happens all over South Africa.

Local Outreach

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    We linked up with a small company “Hands of Hope” and applied for a Non-Profit Organization status together in order to increase our territory for donation requests from various baby companies and individuals.
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    We now have Moms in need from Cape Town to Limpopo who contact us for help. The net is wide and getting bigger all the time!
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    We also started a Facebook page so donors can see where their gifts are heading.
Giving Back Hope for Moms in need

If you have a baby carrier, wrap or sling lying around your house collecting dust, please consider sending it to us so we can donate it to a mom in need. The Pod Baby Team is passionate about baby wearing and wants to encourage mums and dads to carry their precious bundles of joy close to their hearts.

We are gathering pre-loved baby carriers, wraps and slings and will be donating them to Little Favoured Ones who will distribute them to orphanages, underprivileged families, Moms in prisons, hospitals, Moms in need, etc.

Help to share the joy you felt when you held your baby close to your heart. If you would like to donate your carrier, please send us an email at Be sure to visit this site again to see the pics of the new mums and dads with their ‘new’ carriers